Compositions by Date

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sushi cat (percussion sextet) 2024

a faint light caught between mists (chamber orchestra) 2024

SLUG! (flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, voice, 7.1 fixed media, video) 2023

on the sweet ephemerality of meaning (cl, pno, vl, vc, live electronics, fixed media) 2023

open into wings (baritone, tpt, tbn, 2023

a knee in the grass through my eyelashes (soprano, piano) 2023

TALOS (double seconds steel pan solo, incl. aux perc and fixed media) 2023

on the perpetual becoming of selves (string quartet) 2022

sotreo (tenor, baritone, tpt, tbn, 2022

the bleached bones of a story (cl, pno, 4perc, vl, va, vc, db) 2022

line/ray/point (fl, cl, bsn, perc, gtr, pno, vl, va, vc) 2022

terror management theory (orchestra) 2021

mu arae (fl, harp, pno, vl) 2021

Raja Ampat (fl, cl, pno, perc, vl, vc) 2021

C I R C U I T (solo marimba) 2021

Howl (fixed media) 2021

Backgammon (2 MIDI controllers) 2020

Chroma (solo piano with live electronics) 2020

Hook (solo cello with looper pedal) 2020

Leaving (fl, pno, loop pedal) 2020

Space Cadet (fixed media) 2020

Lament (fixed media) 2020

Timescape (fl, pno) 2020

Out of This World (STB, vl, cl, vc, pno) 2018-19

Isolation (sinfonietta) 2017-19

Conserve (SATB chorus) 2018

Emsley, AL (fixed media) 2018

B i r d s (SATB chorus and fixed media) 2017

Kenopsia (fl, vl, va, vc) 2016